kitengela hot glass day tour

Kitengela Hot Glass Day Tour

(Full Day Tour))
Kitengela Hot Glass Day Tour

Kitengela Hot Glass - Anselm's glass studio, is located in a planetarium dome off the beaten track on the edge of the Nairobi National Park near Ongata Rongai. Open 7 days a week, with continuous glassblowing, 0800-1630 Tues to Sat & 0900-1300 Sun & Mon), visitors can watch as the skilled craftsmen create blown & cast objects & make beads from recycled glass, as well as crafting chandeliers, furniture & panels of light & colour for architectural installations in an eco-friendly space. There is a small café serving snacks, tea, coffee & homemade icecream. Enjoy an ambiance of humming creativity & bustling industry as you relax, shop & soak in the natural beauty of this extraordinary place.

The Kitengela hot glass & melt glass factory specializes in making recycled glass mosaic, uniquely designed and coloUrful bejewelLed chandelier, murals, mosaic window panes, glass furniture and many other decorative and uniquely shaped glass animals. The Kitengela glass & Anselm’s glass studio has made some of the known large glass masterpieces like the 12m high mosaic wall at Laico Regency Hotel in Nairobi and the 4mx5m high glass wall at the Nairobi national museum.

Kitengela Hot Glass Day Tour Highlights

  • Witness the marvels of glass recycling
  • Witness curated and unique glass designs coming live as you watch.
  • Give back to community as proceeds go to support the vulnerable in society meet their educational needs


  •   Starts: Nairobi
  •   End: Nairobi
  •   Difficulty: Easy
  •   Min.Pax: 2pax

" Kitengela Glass, founded in 1981, by Nani Croze provides a lively training center for over fifty artisans receiving on-going training and/or employment in various artistic disciplines. In addition to helping individuals make a living through their artistic abilities, Nani is committed to maintaining the natural landscape by planting trees, promoting renewable energy sources, and limiting waste. "

kitengela hot glass day tour Kitengela glass day tour
kitengela hot glass day tour Kitengela glass day tour
kitengela hot glass day tour Kitengela glass day tour
kitengela hot glass day tour Kitengela glass day tour

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