karen blixen, kazuri beads & giraffe-center

Karen Blixen, Kazuri Beads & Giraffe Center

(Full Day Excursion)
karen blixen, kazuri beads & giraffe-center: Introduction

Start off to the Giraffe Center, headquarters for the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife made famous by ‘Daisy Rothschild. It is quite an experience being eye to eye with a giraffe – you can get a real sense of the size of these gentle giants.There is also an education centre with lots of information about the breeding and conservation of the rarest of Kenya’s three giraffe species. Learn their behaviors, traits and more conservation education as you get up close and personal on a raised observation platform.

The next stop visit Kazuri Bead Factory. This is a pottery company that makes one of the world most beautiful beads. You will be shown all the stages from the start to the finish. It’s also a unique factory as it employs single mother parents from the poor neighborhood who earn a living to support their families. This pottery, ceramic and bead factory employs all single mothers to make its beautiful gifts and souvenirs – which are now exported all around the world. There is a gift shop which stocks some of their wares. Please note that the workshop is closed Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday, however the gift shop is open 7 days.

You will then be driven to the old colonial house of Danish author, Karen Blixen. Now a museum, this property and the surrounding Ngong Hills were made famous in the book and then the movie ‘Out of Africa’. It is a must see for all Danes and lovers of African history and romance. Return to your hotel around 5pm.

Karen Blixen, Kazuri Beads & Giraffe Center Highlights

  • Visit Baroness Karen Blixen Museum
  • Visit Kazuri Beads - a self-help women project where handmade ceramics and jewellery are produced.
  • Visit the Giraffe center and witness Rothschild giraffe conservation
  • Lunch


  •   Starts: Nairobi
  •   End: Nairobi
  •   Difficulty: Easy
  •   Min.Pax: 2pax

" This day tour will allow you to experience some of the cultural and community projects that thrive under the tourism conservation banner and allow you to appreicate some of the African cultural lifestyles and conservation efforts. "

karen blixen, kazuri beads & giraffe-center Karen Blixen Museum
karen blixen, kazuri beads & giraffe-center Kazuri beads factory
karen blixen, kazuri beads & giraffe-center Kazuri beads shop
karen blixen, kazuri beads & giraffe-center Giraffe center

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