lake mburo national park

Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park


lake Mburo National park is a little and scenic park close to Kampala, home to several wildlife species not easily seen elsewhere in Uganda. These include Burchell's zebra and impala. Although elephant are absent from the park, there is plenty of other wildlife to see, including Rothschild's giraffe, buffalo and defassa waterbuck. Many typical safari animals are resident, but not elephant or rhino, while lion are very sporadic visitors. Leopard are sometimes spotted on night drives. Highlights in the park include impala (not found in any other Ugandan park), eland, the endangered Rothschild's giraffe and Burchell's zebra (which is only found here and in Kidepo Valley). Other animals regularly seen are oribi and warthog. Hundreds of hippo are found in the lake.

Lake Mburo National Park

Wildlife Experience

Lake Mburo national park has a good variety of wildlife. Several antelope species can be seen, including topi, duiker, oribi, bohor reedbuck and klipspringer. Elephant are absent, but herds of buffalo are quite common, and Rothschild's giraffe have been reintroduced. A healthy population of leopard is present, although mostly seen at night. Hippo and crocodile can be found in the lake. Burchell's zebra and eland are only found here and in the less-accessible Kidepo Valley National Park. The rare and specialized sitatunga can sometimes be spotted in the marshes, and the park is the only place in Uganda where impala are resident. Bushbuck has a unique habit in the park of standing on the lookout on termite mounds.

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Lake Mburo National Park | Birdlife

More than 310 bird species have been recorded in Lake Mburo National Park. This park is the best place in Uganda for acacia-dwelling birds. Forest species are also present in Rubanga Forest. A bonus for birders are the swamps, in which six papyrus specials are resident, including the spectacular papyrus gonolek and the blue-headed coucal. Southern species at the northern limit of their range include the black-collared barbet and bare-faced go-away bird. Migratory birds are present from November to April. The birdlife in Lake Mburo is good year-round. June and July have the least rain, while March and April have the most rain. The heavy rains might result in delays due to impassable roads and slippery hiking trails. These can limit your bird-watching time. Migratory birds are around from November to April.

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