nairobi national park

Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park


This exceptional adventure allows you to explore the unique ecosystems of the Nairobi National Park, the only protected area in the world situated just outside the business district of a capital city. On your morning game drive, you might view a wonderful assortment of wildlife, including black rhino, lion, leopard, buffalo, cheetah, hyena and a variety of plains game. Experience the oldest national park in Kenya, a sweeping landscape consisting of marshy wetlands, lush forests, rugged valleys and green grasslands. Offering an abundance of fascinating mammals and beautiful bird species, this magnificent terrain is set against the gleaming high-rises of Nairobi as a backdrop.

Drive through the lush riverine forest and delight in cheeky monkeys swinging through leafy branches and colourful birds letting out a variety of fascinating calls. The Athi River forms the natural southern boundary of Nairobi National Park and adds to beauty of the lush and tranquil setting. Submerged in pristine river pools, hippos and crocodiles surreptitiously survey the scenery. One of the most beautiful places in the park is at the southwestern boundary, where little streams have furrowed steep valleys lined with lush vegetation. Inquisitive hyraxes, or dassies, play and sun themselves on the warm rocks and you may even come across an elegant klipspringer or mountain reedbuck.

Nairobi National Park

Wildlife Experience

Nairobi National Park has a good variety of wildlife. Apart from elephants, most big safari animals are present. There is a very good chance of seeing rhino. White rhino are easiest to spot as they graze on the open plains, but the park is one of Kenya’s most successful sanctuaries for black rhino, which like to keep hidden in the thickets. Lion, cheetah, Masai giraffe and buffalo are just some of the animals you can encounter on a half-day trip in Nairobi National Park. It is also a good place to see some of the more unusual antelope species including oribi, a grassland special. Coke's hartebeest is quite common and if lucky, a herd of shy eland will come into view. Pairs of little kirk's dik-dik can be spotted as well.

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Nairobi National Park | Birdlife

With over 500 bird species recorded, Nairobi National Park probably gives Kenya’s capital the longest bird list of all cities in the world. The park’s substantial area of undisturbed grassland is of great importance for species such as the restricted-range Jackson’s widowbird, which breeds here regularly after good rains. Other grassland birds include ostriches, secretary birds and bustards. Nairobi National Park is a popular birding destination and it’s easy to book a full or half day guided birding trip at short notice. Nairobi National Park offers good bird watching throughout the year, but the best time is from November to April when the migrants from Europe and north Africa are present. Many species are nesting at this time as it coincides with breeding season. The spectacular Jackson’s widowbird displays from March to May. Although good for birding, April tends to be very wet and is a less productive time for general wildlife viewing.

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